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Let’s go to Matsuri!
Introducing the Japanese festivals held in February.
The most famous festival in February is Setsubun.
“Setsubun” means the day between two seasons. People throw beans to expel evil spirits and bring in good luck.
Also the bean-scattering ceremony by Toshiotoko and Toshionna (man and woman born under the same zodiac sign as the current year) is held in the shrine.
The winter annual event is carried out in the area where it snows, and Sapporo snow festival to be able to enjoy snowy art is particularly famous.
“Namahage” which is a god wearing demon mask and costume, is also famous festival in Akita prefecture in Japan.
2月の代表的な祭りは節分です。鬼を追い払って新年を迎える行事で、 各家々で豆まきをするほか、神社でもその年の年男や年女による豆まきが行われます。
雪が降る地域では冬の恒例イベントも行われます。 雪のアートを楽しめる札幌雪まつりが特に有名。
Matsuri in February
(Cited from SapporoPRD)
(Cited from スナフキン45)
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