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Sketch of Japan
Let’s go to Matsuri!
Introducing the Japanese festivals held in April.
Cherry-blossom viewing picnic is popular event in April.
Cherry blossoms are loved by Japanese. It’s only bloom for a short time, usually for only a week. People enjoy food and drink with family or friend under the cherry blossoms.
Every year, a festival is held when it is the best time to see the cherry trees all over japan.
Nagahama Hikiyama-Matsuri which is the one of the Japan’s three biggest Dashi festival, is held in Shiga prefecture.
桜の花が咲くのはわずか1週間ですが、家族や友達、恋人とお花見に訪れます。 そして桜にちなんだ祭りが各地で行われます。
Matsuri in April
(Cited from 曳山博物館長浜市)
JanuaryNew Year festival etc.   JulyGion Festival etc.
FebruarySetsubun etc.   AugustThe three major festivals in Tohoku etc.
MarchHinamatsuri(doll's festival)   SeptemberDanjiri Festival etc.
AprilCherry blossom festival   OctoberNada-no-Kenka Festival etc.
MayChildren's day etc.   NovemberKaratsu Kunchi etc.
JuneKibune-jinja Shrine boat festival etc.   DecemberChichibu Yomatsuri Festival etc.