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Shining Ocean Activiti
Focus on Shining Ocean 『Second Plenary Session』
Release time: 2016-10-09

Focus on Shining Ocean 『Second Plenary Session』

Wonderful constantly warming up

The Eleventh Logistics Fair

Asia's first、the  second of world

October 12 - October 14, 2016

 Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Twelve exhibition linkage

5000+ bigboss   12W+professional visitors

Navigating the Global Value Chains

With Shining Ocean to the logistics feast

Shining Ocean exhibition hall : No. 1 B1020-1023

The new trend of world logistics

Innovation and development of the global value chain

So why still hesitate?

The 120th session of the Canton Fair

To celebrate the 60 birthday

Phase I: October 15 - October 19

Phase II: October 23 - October 27      

Phase III: October 31 – November 4

China Import and Export Commodity Exchange hall

(No. 380, Haizhuqu District, Guangzhou)

Shining Ocean exhibition hall : A Pavilion Pearl River Walk Road 6-8

Welcome to Shining Ocean 『Second Plenary Session』exhibition hall

Shining Ocean look forward to meeting with you!

Look forward to working with you!

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