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Shining Ocean Activiti
Shining ocean big event
Release time: 2016-09-26

Shining ocean has been established for 15 years, always adhering to the "innovative spirit, continuing operations, win-win and common interests" business philosophy,Shining ocean employees in the traditional logistics industry in search of vitality, deepen the internal changes, into the field of electricity, to explore the transformation of the road.Shining ocean employees in the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of a dream in the process, has been looking for their own core values,To provide customer service and improve the quality of service, is the development of shining ocean through the same 15-year constant theme.

 In 2016, Shining ocean employees are using their own practical actions to prove the excellent operation of sustained and healthy development.

The glorious 15th anniversary of Shining ocean.

2016 big event


February 1st, Shining ocean was honored with the title of "Model Enterprise of E-Commerce in Guangdong Province".

February 19thShining ocean employees united and innovated, the enterprising and vigorous "Song of the Shining ocean" contest was a big success.


Mar. 12-16th Shining ocean participated in the 8th WCA meeting in Abu Dhabi as a member of the World Cargo Alliance and worked with freight forwarders and customers all over the world to discuss long-term cooperation.


April ,Shining ocean "tourist season" comprehensive start, the Group's 12 branches of Shining ocean partners to experience the unity of the Shining ocean family forge ahead, positive sunlight glowing.

April 27-28th, the Group's first quarterly work summary meeting in 2016 was held in Shenzhen. In the first quarter, the Group's performance increased 15% over the same period, the completion of the performance plan target of 110%.


June 1st employees are the wealth of the Shining ocean, the child is the love of their parents! Shining ocean employees send children blessings, gifts, expression of the Shining ocean of love and gratitude.

June 24th,Shining ocean's 6th Monthly Reading was a big success. Shining ocean cultivated and nurtured the spirit in the books, and pay attention to cultivated Shining ocean employees' good personality also.


July 6th, Shining ocean employees spontaneous donation initiative, for the Shenzhen company overseas colleagues of the serious sickness father to lend a helping hand! Received from the shipping field,  freight forwarding companies, and customers of all fields of the generous friends enthusiastic contributions.

July 15thShining ocean the first "The Star of shining ocean" image was grandly announce by spokesman,  on behalf of the Shining ocean positive people, full of energy of the eight candidates fully demonstrate the style of Shining ocean people.

July 28th, China International Freight Forwarders Association announced the ranking of the year 2015 China's top 100 international logistics freight forwarding business, Shining ocean ranking the 64th place, of which the first 29th on private enterprise, 35th on ocean transportation. The honor is the value of social enterprises and the implementation of social responsibility, of Shining ocean is an affirmation of all forge ahead in unity and strive fighting .

July 28th, Shining ocean and 50 well-known enterprises in different industries of Shenzhen City were awarded the honorary title of "Group of Enterprises of the Year in 2015", "Advanced Collective of Network Direct Reporting" awarded by Shenzhen Bureau of Statistics.


Sep. 7th-8th,The Group's Semi-annual Working Summary Meeting in 2016 was held in Shenzhen. In the first half, the Group's performance grew 31% over the same period.

September 9th, "Honesty glory fifteen years of brilliant glory of the shining ocean cast a hundred years," the dinner held in Dongguan Mission Hills Golf Club glory, and "Shining ocean Cup" Fourth Golf Tournament, CCTV integrity business awarding ceremony signing ceremony, the glorious 15th anniversary celebration , To fully demonstrate the excellent continuous operation and development of Shining ocean.

September 13th, shining ocean Mid-Autumn Festival PARTY, through the Mid-Autumn fete activities, shining ocean 12 branch of the family feel the warmth and happiness! Give full play to the shining ocean people, whimsy and wonderful ideas.

September 24th,  Shining ocean participated in the second "Yangfan Cup" Badminton Tournament hosted by Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association, which enhanced mutual trust, communication and cooperation through well-known freight forwarding enterprises.


Oct. 12th,  the 11th Logistics Expo , Shining ocean participated in the 6th consecutive exhibition.

n October, the 120th China Import and Export Fair (divided into three), Shining ocean for 11 consecutive attend exhibition.


ovember 15th, seventh basketball game and the sixth The Basketball Baby game is about to debut.

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