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Shining Ocean Activiti
Credibility & honor 15 years makes Shining Ocean glorious decades.
Release time: 2016-09-12

Shining Ocean Logistics Group held 4th “Shining Ocean trophy” golf invitational tournament gloriously for celebrating our own group credibility & honor 15 years in Golf Clubhouse Guanlan Dongguan.

 Credibility casts our brand, and our brand blazes a trail of future. Making Shining Ocean’s brand as our group’s core-competitiveness is exactly brand strategy of Shining Ocean Logistics Group.

The Credible businesses authorized signing ceremony by CCTV.

The special interview by Alex Wong  the chairman and A Qiu the famous host.

 As Chairman Wong said in the CCTV interview, credibility is great significative to forwarding business, it is a company’s intangible treasure. It is Internet time nowadays, Shining Ocean is improving the operating efficiency and transforming the industry ecology by influences of some international logistics information developed. Combining fact with fancy, integrating online and underline, devoting to “Technology integrates  into ideal, innovation lights up life.” Credibility is the base as a person, the spirit of business. Shining Ocean focuses on brand, use credibility as connotation. After 15 years, Shining Ocean as a representative of forwarding business. Shining Ocean persevere in integrity management in the future, let credibility pushing the development of brand. Let “credibility” development reaches to win-win situation, let “credibility” be the key point of competition in the future, providing high grade and reliable services for clients!    

The 4th “Shining Ocean Trophy” golf invitational tournament

“Shining Ocean Trophy” golf invitational tournament as a feast of forwarding industry has been held 4 years continuously. Much Appreciated everyone’s attention and support of “Shining Ocean Trophy” activity all the time. It was you all made the tournament more wonderful and funny. Every year there are numbers of bright and brave golf player fighting in the area, those are eyeable scenery in the moments.

Shining Ocean 15 years glorious celebration

 Time goes fast as water in the river,15 years past in a moment. Looking back the past 15 years unusual development of Shining Ocean Logistics Group, Chairman Mr. Alex Wong and his staffs scenes of the past leap before their eyes.

15 years is not a long time, but it means a new born to a company. The staffs are always looking for theirselves core value when they chasing their brilliant dreams. Providing an excellent and high grade service always is our eternal theme during this 15 years. Shining Ocean hope can build our own special services by the effects of internet and technology. We are connecting our clients and suppliers together and building a whole industry chain with our strength. And we are pushing our B2B & App developed, take the advantage of Internet for providing a irreplaceable service, truly become the No.1 in forwarding logistics industry, an outstanding international logistics company in the world. We are willing to take the responsibility for building Shining Ocean a Worldwide brand and local national company. Toward a goal that group listing and go forward steadily.

Thanks for all the honored guests presented.

Thanks for everyone of tournament organizing committee’s hard work.

It would be a great honor meet you again in 2017.

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