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Shining Ocean Activiti
Good News ! Shining Ocean Star was awarded as one of TOP 100 China Forwarders and Logistics Companies
Release time: 2016-08-01

On 28th July,2016, The China International Freight Forwarders Association and International Business newspaper co-sponsored the "2016 China International Freight Forwarders and logistics Companies Development Forum and Freight Forwarders hundred ranked 2015 annual ceremony was  opened in Dalian China.The chairman of the group Mr. Haiguang Wang attended the meeting and accepted the hornor Certificates by CIFA.

China International freight forwarding logistics Top 100: Top 29 among top 100 Private Freight Forwarders and logistics companies

China International freight forwarding logistics Top 100: Top 35 among top 100 ocean freight

China International freight forwarding logistics Top 100: Top 64 among top 100 freight forwarders and logistics companies

Continuing to operate for 15 years with the motto “Operation with Integrity, Hundred years’ glories”. This honor is not only an acceptation of the enterprise value of Shining Ocean Star, but also it is an acceptation of the effort and endeavor of Shining Ocean Star employees, even it is an acceptation of Shining Ocean Star’s performance to execute its social responsibility.

Shining Ocean Star will consider the praise and honor as incentive to stimulate Shining Ocean Star employees to keep moving forward. In the future, Shining Ocean Star Company will bear its social responsibility in mind, and pay its effort for the development of modern logistics industry.

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