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[Shining ocean News]Congratulations! Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of statistics awarded Shining ocean "advanced collective" honorary title!
Release time: 2016-08-01

In July 28, 2016, Here came the good news! Shining ocean  won “the 2015 annual Chinese freight forwarding companies”, while it won “the 2015 annual enterprise 'a set of tables' Networked direct reporting work advanced collective” honorary title, which was awarded by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of statistics. At the same time, There are 50 well-known enterprises from different industries in Shenzhen awarded the "advanced collective" honor.

In the business development, shining ocean actively cooperate with  the government data reporting and registration works commanded by shenzhen municipal bureauof statistics. Assume the responsibility of social statistics, and actively respond to the government's call. To provide real, effective and accurate data support for the National Bureau of statistics, Shining ocean earnestly fill in and declare the enterprise data. In recent years, shining ocean also use data statistical analysis, which is applied to the enterprise internal management. Deepen the internal reform of enterprises, optimize the management system. To provide decision support for the development of enterprise operation, shining coean establish a complete set of business management database including personnel, finance, sales, etc.

This time, shining ocean as the international logistics industry's award-winning representative enterprise. Also, the award is the government's positive recognition of Shining coean’s statistical report work in recent years.

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